Shared CFO Services

We are pleased to offer “Shared Chief Financial Officer Service” to all the Small and, Medium enterprises to meet their requirements of services of an in-house CFO at outsourced cost. You all know how costly it is to have a qualified CFO by small and medium enterprises. Even if you have one, there is always a fear of the CFO quitting the job in the lookout for better prospects. It doesn’t mean the SMEs should be deprived of their rights of getting good and satisfied CFO services always. Having served the SME sector for almost seven years, we identified this phenomenon and thought of addressing it. We don’t claim that these services are something unique and not available at all. Even if it is already, in our opinion, mostly in an unorganized way it could be there.

What is Shared CFO Services?

The services of CFO position are outsourced to an outside agency. We as an agency are offering these services for SME enterprises, at an affordable cost. As an agency, we assist the SMEs in financial management, compliance management, strategic management, devising and implementing effective internal control systems, taking decisions on Capital Expenditure (shortly called CAPEX), working capital management, identifying risk factors and advising on mitigating them, etc.

What are the services offered under this umbrella?

The following are the different services offered under this umbrella:-

  1. Assessing the past performance and advising on the financial strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Advising on the best practices of financial management to optimize the utilization of financial resources.
  3. Strategizing on the cost reduction techniques to help reducing the cost per unit of product or service of the entity.
  4. Advising on the introduction of Budgeting and Cost Accounting System in the organization.
  5. Assisting in Capital Expenditure decisions involving expansion, modernization, make or buy decisions, and acquisitions/mergers.
  6. Advising on Compliance Management of corporate and industrial laws.
  7. Helping in building cordial and healthy relations with the bankers and other lending institutions.
  8. Creating value to the organization by devising a “path way” for future IPO or PE/VC funding.
  9. Advising on raising finance in the form of term loans, working capital, corporate loans, mortgage loans, depending up on circumstances of the entity.
  10. Advising on ascertainment of Costs, fixation of Prices of products and services, identifying the risk factors in agreements, commercial contracts and quotes etc.

Way forward

You have to get yourself registered with our company by accepting either six months or annual membership by paying requisite fees. You will be allotted a membership number and services will be offered on monthly or bi-monthly basis depending upon the requirements and availability of the concerned people.